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Chapter 14


I saw Remi sitting at a table by herself and instantly felt bad for her. Where the fuck was Emile at? This nigga should be here with his girl, showing her around and keeping her company, instead his ass was probably off somewhere doing something stupid.

I saw down next to her, causing her to look up and smile at me.

"Hey bro.." She said.

"Wassup Remi? Why you sitting by yourself?" I asked.

"Who else Ima sit with?" She sighed. "I don’t know anyone here Ty.."

"Why you not with Emile?"

She shrugged.

"You need some friends!" I chuckled.

"I have friends, just none here.." She pouted.

"Well make some lil nigga!" I pushed her playfully.

"Whatever nigga!"

"What about your roommate? She a bitch or something?"

"When I got last night, she wasn’t there. I just went in my room and went to sleep. When I woke up this morning, I didn’t wanna wake her up so I just left.."

"Well go try and be friends with her. I can’t have bitches think you my girl. I gotta get some play too!" I joked.

"That shit ain’t funny! You better let them hoes know you have a girl!" She warned.

"That’s a threat lil nigga?"

"Take it how you want it!" She got up laughing.

"I’m joking Rem. You know Blair my girl.." I smiled hard.

"Better be!" She pushed me. "I’m going to my room and chill a little before I come over to yall dorm.."

I nodded as we went our separate ways.


I was sitting on the sofa chillin’ with Nessa when my new roommate walked in. Short, light skinned, nice hair, sick ass clothes, and pretty in the face.

"Hey!" I said, turning around to face her.

"Hi, I’m Remilya.." She smiled.

"I’m Dior and this is Vanessa.."

"Are both of you my roommates?" She asked, confused.

"Oh no!" Vanessa giggled. "Dior is your roommate. I’m just the friend.."

"Oh okay. Well it was nice to meet you!" She said walking to her room.

"Wait!" I called after her.

She turned around. “Wassup?”

"You can come chill with us if you want.." I suggested.

"Um, yall sure?" She asked.

"Yeah! We’re gonna be roommates, so what better time to get to know each other?"

She smiled and sat on the sofa and started telling us a little about herself.

She seemed cool as fuck. I could see myself getting along with her.

At the end of the night, I leaned that she was in a relationship with Emile and was friends with the top five basketball stars here.

She was definately an asset to have in my circle. No saying that I was using her but everybody knew the basketball team always throws the best parties.

"I gotta go yall. My stupid ass roommate left her key in the dorm and can’t get it.." Vanessa said getting up. "See you later D. I was nice to meet you Remi!" She said  before walking out.

"You got class tomorrow?" I asked her.

"Yeah, just one.."

"I can show you around tomorrow after class if you want?" I suggested.

"Sure! That’s very nice of you!" She smiled.

"No problem!" I said getting up from the sofa, walking into the kitchen.

"Since you told me your story, It’s time I tell you mine.."

We stayed up talking all night.

I could really see us being the best of friends.


Fucking around with Chris this morning, I left my key in my room and had to text Vanessa to open the door.

I was standing outside the room for about ten minutes before she finally came.

"Next time try to remember your key, please?"

I know this bitch didn’t have an attitude with me for accidently leaving my keys.

"I didn’t do this shit on purpose so chill.." I said with an attitude.

"I didn’t say you did boo!" She retorted. "Next time, don’t forget your damn keys and I will chill!"

I rolled my eyes and went to my room. Dumb ass bitch needs some dick bad.

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